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Legal Drug Rating Community

Daily use may cause poisoning.

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Welcome to ld_rating, a rating community for the manga series Legal Drug (also known as Lawful Drug and Gouhou Drug) to determine which character is most like your own personality. Please read all the rules before submitting an application.

This community is managed by moshimishi and anarchist_love.

Any suggestions are welcomed and should be posted in this post. Thanks! :)

For applicants:
- Post all images and long applications behind a cut.
- Try to be thorough but not wordy in your answers. We want good information, but not to read through repetition and useless junk. Don't shy away from being detailed though. Long is okay as long as you're giving necessary info about yourself.
- We ENCOURAGE voting on other applications even before you are stamped!
- Please do not try to skew your answers to fit the character you want to be voted as. Most of the time it's ridiculously obvious.
- Speaking of the character you want to be voted as, don't be angry if you're not. It's just fun.
- Do not post pictures of yourself cosplaying as any characters from LD.
- You will be stamped after a certain length of time passes or there is a clear majority.
- You may reapply once if you think everyone's out to get you or are totally confused and unhappy with your result ;)
- Please include the word "wind" somewhere in your subject to show that you read the rules.

For voters:
- Please make the character you have chosen for the applicant stand out in some way - bold, in the subject line, placed at the beginning of your comment, etc.
- Reasoning behind your choice is always fantastic and insightful.
- Do not be rude!
- You may change your vote any time before the applicant is stamped.
- Think about your decision. Don't rush through the application and throw out a name.

The Application - please bold or italicize so we can easily read your answers.


Strong points:
Weak points:

Issues you feel strongly about:
Issues you don't care much about:
Leader or follower?
How do others usually perceive you compared with how you perceive yourself?

How do you normally introduce yourself?
How do you normally start a conversation?
Pick a power, any power.
Make a wish.

Anything else?

Describe yourself or post a picture or two. You can also include pictures of anything that is a part of you - your living space, something you hold dear, etc.