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Yo' momma so fat, she BLOCKS the whole WIND!!!! FATTY!!!FAT!FAT!! - Legal Drug Rating Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Yo' momma so fat, she BLOCKS the whole WIND!!!! FATTY!!!FAT!FAT!! [Jul. 20th, 2006|03:29 pm]
Legal Drug Rating Community
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[music |School Boys [YAMATO] Gakuen heaven OP theme]

Name: Yuki
Gender: female.
Age: 17

Likes: ...not you, Japan and its cultures, randomness, dogs/puppies/wolves, video games, cosplay, yaoi, drawing, cooking, DDR, sweets, chocolate, Vault(s), orange soda, music, singing, chorus, watching/looking at man p0rn*cough*yaoi*cough* with a buddy. if no buddy, then more for me. ;D

Dislikes: emos, crowds, too much attention, drama, whiners, homophobes, preps, pink, jocks, sports that have anything to do with balls, people who get their kicks to make others feel bad, egotistical people.

Hobbies: singing, drawing, cooking, baking, archery, dancing, DDR, handling animals. (Now if only I could get the hang of sewing.... Becuase I'd give anything to do my own cosplay. Which would be a hobby too. if only I'd teach myself. Or make pluishies. =P)

Strong points: I'd have to say me being able to be approachable. *smirk* At least I don't seem like an asshole at first. =P
My willngness to be open-minded and trying to look at things from both sides.
Also, my determination and persistance when it comes to what motivates me and my beliefs. I stick to tasks until the end, no matter how long it takes.

I treat my special friends like they were gold that I'd never give away. (which I'll admit can be a good and bad thing at the same time... ) And treat them with the all respect and kindness I have. I do anything in my willpower to protect them or make sure they're happy.

Sometimes, people say I'm quite passionate and very loud when it comes to voicing my opinions. They think I seem to know what I want. XD

Weak points: Sometimes, I seem apethetic, when I really am oberving and paying attention. Some say I don't seem to think enough about myself as much as I think about others. Then there's me being quite possessive with my loved ones, some say I'm stubborn, and that I'm "heartless" (but I'm only being honest with my opinions. even if it does sound "harsh" to others.). I can be a perfectionist at times. I can't stand failure. And I can hold grudges for the longest of time. I TRY not to, but I just.. hold quite some grudges. Especially if the event affects me in any way.
.. let's see... also am one hell of a procrastinator. XD

And I'm pretty picky about, what I call, my circle. (which is why I have little to no friends.) If I don't like you, I really show it. And I mean it when I say I really show my dislikes. And if I like you, I really show that, too. I probably come off as sort of immature for treating my friends in a kinder way and see a different side of me.
And the people I dislike or don't interest me? Well, I fake my "approchable"-ness and I'm much less talkative and keep more to myself towards them.

Issues you feel strongly about: I am firmly against animal abuse. Let alone ANYBODY abusing somebody. And am against the ban of homosexual marriage and want to support gay-rights at all costs. Not to mention I'm against George Bush, period. =/

Issues you don't care much about: I care little to none about 9/11 and am plain apethetic towards the war. I realy have nothing to say about it. And Religion, in general.
((I mean, I have nothing against a Chritsian at all. BUT if they suddenly wanna shove the bible in my face and stuff and try to contradict my point of views that "go against" their views, then that's where I get bitchy. =/.))

Leader or follower? I tend to like the follower-role. But if no one wants to take it, I'll stand up and be leader with no hesitation.

How do others usually perceive you compared with how you perceive yourself?
What they think: Polite, nice, fun, smart ((PFFFT!!!! In all honesty, I think I'm no smarter than the next person. I claim I'm average, really. )), serious, quiet, anti-social.
...OR the ocassional "bitch"-label that I get in school~.

What I think: Confident, reserved (because I do talk and show my humurous/crack side when I'm with my friends.), a bit sarcastic. And a joker. Because even though, I seem to have no humour when with normal people, but I like to joke with my friends. I like to try to make them smile and laugh. That's all I ever need to be in a good mood, them being well. =)

How do you normally introduce yourself? When it comes to starngers, you mean? Well, I pretty much just tell them my name and such. And I'd probably only tell little to nothing about myself if you're not interesting to me.

How do you normally start a conversation? Eh. When I'm with stranger, I'm not much of a talker. But I do try to look and seem as interested and approachable as I can when they're talking. Even if they do bore me, half of the time.

Pick a power, any power.: I wouldn't mind being able to fly. But hopefully, I could make myself levitate (with telekinisis/telepathy/etc.) and could be as close as flying. *laughs*

Make a wish.: ....I only wish sucess on those special to me, really. Not to mention people actually change for once and learn respect for others... And equality.
God, I feel like a beauty queen making a speech. I swear I may as well say "world peace" and crap. XD *laughs* Shoot me now! *laugh*

Anything else? ....I'm adicted to sugar and am bi? And people think I'm weird and stuff? O_o



[User Picture]From: anarchist_love
2006-07-21 06:04 pm (UTC)


Your now stamped Kazahaya

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